Branding Your Extension: It’s a Family Thing

As a craft beverage producer, undoubtedly you’ve considered or even tried leveraging high-performers in your portfolio by introducing line extensions. While the upsides are obvious – momentum, awareness, and sales, just to name a few – there are also risks like confusion, cannibalization, and increased competition. Join our presenters as they share proven marketing and […]

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Extending Your Reach – Consumer Behavior and Beverage Trends (Part 2)

Continue the discussion from the earlier session and explore how you can expand beyond your traditional offerings and take advantage of the latest trends in craft beverage.

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Extending Your Reach – Consumer Behavior and Beverage Trends (Part 1)

As the market and consumer behavior have changed in the last year, so has the possibility for you to extend your brand.  New trends emerge every day, pushing the envelope, and offering new ways to get your product into the marketplace and expand your reach.  Join our panel of experienced professionals as they share the […]

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Extending Your Brand – Developing Your Strategy

More and more producers and brands are looking to profit by taking advantage of new audiences, products and niches. Brand extension, done right, can lead to bigger profits and a stronger market presence, but there are important considerations to be made before moving forward.  Understand the path to success including internal extension and external partnership […]

Getting Your Product to Market – Distribution Alternatives

You’ve produced your first batches, you’ve nailed your marketing, branding and packaging, and you are compliant with all regs.  So now what? How do you get your product on the market and in the hands of consumers?  Join our panel as they discuss distribution to help you identify what will work best for you.  Gain […]

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Branding, Marketing and Packaging – Oh My!

Branding, marketing, and packaging play pivotal roles in selling your product and creating a viable brand.  As a small craft beverage business, where do you start?  How do you tell your story? From your logo to social media to events and packaging considerations, we’ll help you identify how to establish your brand without breaking your […]